For Nonprofit Organizations

GiveBIG Kimbia and Click & Pledge Updates

Kimbia, is our new platform and payment processing partner for GiveBIG 2016. If you want to participate in GiveBIG 2016, you need to sign up on the Kimbia platform. Only donations that go through the Kimbia platform will count toward GiveBIG totals. If you have not started the registration process, view the GiveBIG website for registrations dates and profile deadlines.

GiveBIG 2016 is on Kimbia, but what about my Click & Pledge account?

Your organization can continue to take advantage of Kimbia’s dynamic platform throughout the year. There is no annual or monthly fee; a standard credit card fee will be assessed on each transaction and paid to Kimbia, in accordance with the disbursement agreement.

If you decide not to use Kimbia after GiveBIG, you can still use your existing Click & Pledge account though TransFirst. Like Kimbia, there is no annual or monthly fee to use the Click & Pledge platform. A standard credit card fee will be assessed on each transaction and paid to Click & Pledge, in accordance with their disbursement agreement. Click & Pledge is an outstanding partner and was vital to GiveBIG’s initial success. Our change was driven by the added capabilities (features requested directly by nonprofits and donors) available on the Kimbia platform but not yet available through Click & Pledge. If you choose to close your Click & Pledge account, please contact for assistance.

For questions about the GiveBIG campaign and account creation, visit the GiveBIG page for nonprofits.

Why does the name of a fund appear on our organization's notification letter or grant record form?

Grants made through Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program are supported by a variety of funds—including unrestricted funds, area of interest funds, and partnerships with donors. Many of these funds were established through wills and bequests, and are endowed to fulfill the donor intentions over time through our Grantmaking Program.

My organization just changed its name. Can we update our profile to have our new name on your website?

If you have legally changed your organization’s name which will be reflected on your tax status as a 501(c)(3) organization, we can make the change in our records and on your profile on the website. We will require an updated copy of your 501(c)(3) determination letter that includes the new organization name.

You are welcome to list dba (doing business as) names for your organization, but the profile title must contain the full organization name. Example: Blue Sky Charities dba Whisker City. In the case of very long organization names, we will also accept dba names if the full organization name is listed in the description section of the profile.

Please go to the GiveBIG website and log in with the same account information you used for GiveBIG.

What is a fiscal sponsor and how do I get one?

A fiscal sponsor is an organization with 501(c)(3) IRS tax-exempt status that agrees, in writing, to be responsible for the fiscal management of a particular program or project that does not have its own tax-exemption status with the IRS. 

The fiscal sponsor needs to provide the required attachments as well as a letter signed by the Executive Director that indicates they are acting as the fiscal sponsor for the “sponsored” organization applying for a grant. This information must be submitted with the application attachments.

Why don't I receive email messages from you about upcoming nonprofit events?

If you do not receive emails from us and would like to, please email Also, you may want to check with your IT department to make sure that your organization accepts emails from They may be blocked or could be going into your junk email folder.

What if I have recommendations for new functions for the site?

We’d love to hear your ideas and are always interested in making the site as effective as possible. Email us at with any suggestions.

Grantmaking at Seattle Foundation

How will you continue to support nonprofits?

It is important to note that we will distribute the same amount in discretionary grantmaking funds through these new channels; there will not be a reduction in the overall amount of grants made. Both the Center for Community Leadership and the philanthropist-engaged grantmaking will invite proposals from the nonprofit community. We will also continue to make grants for capacity building in the nonprofit sector and invite requests aligned with that work. Our web site, serving as the “go-to resource” for philanthropy in King County, also provides a place for local nonprofits to provide information on their mission and operations.

Can I apply for a capacity building grant?

Seattle Foundation primarily invests in supporting intermediary organizations that serve the nonprofit sector broadly. These investments are typically made on an invite only basis. We have limited funding available to support individual organizational capacity building needs.

Can I get a grant from a donor advised fund?

Donors that have established charitable funds that make grants to nonprofit organizations based on their own areas of interest. Typically, these funds do not accept requests from nonprofit organizations However, through our our in-depth consulting services to individual donors and their families we share our community knowledge with philanthropists and act as a matchmaker—connecting philanthropists to local nonprofit organizations. In order to do this well, we must keep our community knowledge fresh and relevant, which means staying in regular contact with our nonprofit partners. During the upcoming months, we’ll hone our strategies for gathering information about community issues and organizations and will share those with you by year’s end.

How will the Foundation communicate with nonprofits about changes to Grantmaking activities?

We sent out a communications to all nonprofit organizations on August 7th to outline the new approach and provide a timeline for further action. During this time of transition, we will be posting information on the website and will hold community meetings in Fall 2013 once we have more detailed information available. We encourage you to contact Ceil Erickson at or (206) 515-2131 if you have questions or feedback to share.

What five things can my nonprofit do to keep in touch and stay connected to Seattle Foundation?

  1. Participate in GiveBIG
  2. Update your profile at least once a year
  3. Contact Seattle Foundation staff once a year (email, phone call, site visit) to update them on your organization’s activities, challenges and results
  4. Visit Seattle Foundation website to learn more about the programs we are operating and how to access them
  5. Respond to staff requests for updates on your organization’s work, which will inform our work with donor giving circles and philanthropist consulting

What is the Center for Community Leadership?

The Center for Community Leadership is a virtual center that will direct our community engagement work around two to three specific issues areas where Seattle Foundation is assuming a leadership role. A large portion of the Foundation’s grants will be distributed through this new Center for Community Leadership. This center will use multiple strategies, including grantmaking, mission investing, advocacy and research to achieve measurable outcomes in specific areas that impact social equity in King County. The Center for Community Leadership will be operational in early 2014 with a public launch of our plan to be held in Fall 2014.

Will you continue to present GiveBIG?

We recognize what an effective fundraising platform GiveBIG has become and are committed to holding it in the Puget Sound region in 2015. We will continue to direct a share of our discretionary funds, up to $500,000, to GiveBIG to support the nonprofit organizations that participate and thousands of donors who participate each year.

Will you continue to use the Healthy Community Framework?

The Healthy Community Framework, which presents seven areas of community life and philanthropic strategies to positively impact them, will continue to provide a basis for our grantmaking and all we do in carrying out our mission. We are in the process of research and community conversations that will inform the next issue of the Healthy Community Giving Guide, which will be published in 2015.

How has Seattle Foundation changed the Grantmaking Program since 2014?

Community leadership and grantmaking are central to our mission. A key component of our strategic planning process involved examining the Foundation’s efforts in these two important areas so that we can increase our impact in our communities. In 2014, we are adopting a new approach that involves allocating a larger share of our discretionary grantmaking dollars towards initiative-based funding that supports the Foundation’s community leadership work. This will be done through our new Center for Community Leadership. We will also partner with more Seattle Foundation fundholders (donors) in an effort to leverage greater support for King County nonprofits. Specific plans and grant opportunities for these programs will be announced in the fall and early 2014. In addition, we will continue to distribute a share of our discretionary grantmaking dollars through GiveBIG, our day-long online giving event. It is important to note that we will distribute the same amount in discretionary grantmaking funds through these new channels; there will not be a reduction in the overall amount of grants made.

In developing the new approach to be implemented in 2014, our goal is to increase the total amount of philanthropic investment made in King County by more effectively leveraging the interests and resources of our fundholders and matching them with effective nonprofits. We also believe we can increase our effectiveness by investing more deeply in a narrower range of issues where the Foundation can use additional resources – convening, mission investing, etc. – to make a stronger community impact. We made these changes recognizing we have a proportionally small discretionary grantmaking budget and want to maximize the benefits delivered to the community.

When should my organization apply for a grant?

Our element based Grantmaking Program is ending December 2013. It will be replaced with Donor Engaged Grantmaking and targeted investments in selected issue areas. Both approaches will invite grant applications from the nonprofit community each year and we are in the process of selecting issue areas and developing procedures and timelines. View the nonprofit page on our website for current grant opportunities.