Basic Needs

Tent city by the highway

Despite a vibrant economy and a city that is growing at an unprecedented rate, low-income individuals and families face greater challenges than ever before. Our community needs a stronger safety net to ensure that no one falls through the cracks as well as structural changes that enable low-income individuals and families to thrive. Organizations that work to prevent homelessness, increase affordable housing options and provide people in need access to food and basic supports are best positioned to address both immediate needs and long-term challenges. 


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Contribute to basic needs

Our lack of affordable housing affects the entire region. Supporting efforts by nonprofit to build more housing and find creative policy solutions is critical to increasing the supply of permanently affordable housing.

The impact of going without meals or being chronically hungry is profound. Strengthening our region's extensive emergency-food distribution system is critical to respond to this crisis.

Evidence shows that placing individuals or families in housing first, before addressing any other issue, is the most effective and cost-efficient means of reducing homelessness.