Jim Grams

Director of Technology


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Jim provides Seattle Foundation with technology leadership, vision and most importantly, results that further the goals and mission of the Foundation.  This includes supporting the needs of the team, energizing vendors and ensuring the success of our technology involved projects.

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Philanthropic Interests
and Passions

Civil rights and equal rights
Universal access to safe and affordable healthcare
Affordable higher education

An experienced technical leader, Jim's roots are in software development, telecom network systems, wireless data services and entrepreneurial efforts in device management, e-commerce retailing and on-line gaming. He's been in technology management roles for over 20 years, in large and small companies.

Jim has a Master’s of Science in computer and information sciences from Ohio State University and a Bachelor’s from the University of Vermont. He is a strong advocate for agile project methodologies and, thus, a passionate supporter of understanding customers, how they utilize technology and how technology can best serve their needs.

Jim has been working at Seattle Foundation since 2017.

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