Fence around Duwamish River

We all benefit from the magnificent natural resources that make the Puget Sound region such an extraordinary place to live, work and play. But if we want to continue to enjoy these assets, we must address the serious threats facing the environment, including climate change, air and water pollution and loss of natural habitat. We must also recognize and address the disproportionate impacts pollution and climate change continues to have on low-income communities and communities of color.  If we do not act as a community with urgency to restore and protect the environment, we will have failed future generations. We believe that through collaboration and cooperation of all stakeholders—developers, conservationists, farmers, tribes, industry, community organizations, urban and rural communities— we can turn the tide on climate change and manage our region’s growth in a way that is environmentally sustainable, economically viable and benefits all communities.

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Leadership from within communities most impacted by climate change (frontline communities) is critical to promoting policy solutions that address and prevent environmental inequities in response to climate change. To this end, we support community-based nonprofits and environmental organizations working to develop new leaders and making space for frontline communities to speak on their own behalf.

We support local organizations focused on restoring and preserving the Puget Sound and other key waterways. We also support long-range approaches that target policy change focused on protecting The Sound and the surrounding environment.

Climate change bears a real threat to the health and stability of our state, region, and local communities. Key strategies include research, systems change, strategic communication, community engagement and developing leaders from the communities most impacted.

Population growth has the potential to further compound the impacts of climate change and strain housing affordability.We support organizations that promote development and planning solutions that are environmentally sustainable and prioritize housing and public investments that build a diverse and equitable urban core.