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In this roundup, the city’s homeless sweeps continue to come under scrutiny, Seattle City Council divests from Wells Fargo, Mayor Murray works to expand priority hiring and more.

February 17, 2017

Deep community knowledge is a key benefit of working with Seattle Foundation.  Our team has extensive knowledge about community issues and trends, as well as an expansive network of relationships with nonprofit organizations working locally, nationally and globally.  We track key developments in each element of our Healthy Community Framework:  Arts & Culture, Basic Needs, Economy, Education, Environment, Health & Wellness, Vibrant Communities and Global Giving.  Every other week, we compile Element Notes to share the latest developments affecting efforts to make Greater Seattle a stronger, more vibrant community for all. We hope you find it useful and let us know what you think!

Basic Needs

Will Seattle have to change its homeless sweeps? Ruling is coming soon
An initial ruling is expected soon in a lawsuit challenging how Seattle and Washington state are dealing with unauthorized homeless encampments in the city.


Seattle City Council votes to cut ties with Wells Fargo over Dakota Access Pipeline lending
In response to Wells Fargo’s role lending to the North Dakota Pipeline, the Seattle City Council voted not to renew the contract to manage the City’s revenue.


Seattle’s poor are finding work through city program, so let’s grow it, says mayor
Mayor Murray says priority hiring, which keeps a portion of jobs in city construction projects for workers from low-income neighborhoods, has been a success. He is working to expand the project.

The Racial Wealth Gap Is a Policy Problem, Not a Behavior Problem
A new paper shows that “changing individual behavior in areas such as education, family structure, full- or part-time employment, and personal consumption habits would not reverse the economic harm done by structural racism”

Health and Wellness

In Olympia, young people rally to reinvent foster care
Hundreds gathered at the Capitol to urge lawmakers to do more for children who are homeless or in foster care.

Vibrant Communities

Help Shape Seattle Equitably—Join the City's Community Involvement Commission!
“The City of Seattle is calling for local residents to apply to join the Community Involvement Commission (CIC), a group of 16 representatives who will make sure growing communities, particularly communities of color, are involved in city policy-making decisions.” (Please note that The Stranger might have content or ads not all find appropriate. As always, click with care)

How Washington state became the epicenter of resistance to Trump’s agenda
After Washington became the first state to challenge Trump’s immigration executive order and the temporary injunction was upheld by a federal court, the Washington Post looks at the state’s push against Trump.



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